ponce de leon.

Once we learned we were actually leaving my home state of Florida, many emotions filled my heart. I was happy to finally experience something new, but sad to leave everything I have ever known and so many memories behind. “ponce de leon.” is a love story to a place I never realized I loved. Over the past 29 years my inspiration by my surroundings waned to almost nothing. I no longer felt compelled to create artwork. My new family – my wife and baby – provided some solace, but I quickly found myself again bored with my surroundings.

When I recorded this film, it was close to our closing date to sell our first home. Most of our things were packed and we were stressed and tired. The future was unknown and I wasn’t sure I would be able to provide for my family in a new place. I wasn’t sure if I could build the same business I had in Florida. North Carolina was a totally different place and Charlotte is much larger than my hometown. With so many unknowns and stresses looming, I took my drone out to a park I had visited so many times before with the intention of just seeing it from a different viewpoint. I mapped the area to make sure it was safe to fly and took off.

I learned something that day. Perhaps too late, but I learned that beauty can be seen in all things. Even when you’ve grown tired and long for something new, if you just open your heart and your mind you’ll see what you’ve taken for granted. With a little compassion, you’re able to see what others love so much about the things you’ve grown apathetic towards. Ponce De Leon park is a place I had been hundreds of times before, but never had I seen it the way I did this day.