Pisgah National ForestAdjusting to our new home.


I realized I was bored of my home town. Once I had the freedom of a driver’s license and my first few jobs, it was clear that I was not inspired by my surroundings. Learning photography cured me of that stagnation for a bit… but that cure was temporary. Through my young adulthood, a few things pacified me from my boredom; college, friends, my wife… But nothing would completely erase my longing for something new.

My mentor, John, always told me to get out and see the world. I never quite took his advice. Whether because of my frugal nature or busy schedule, major travel was just outside my reach. I had explored nearly every corner of Florida, but not too far beyond.

When the opportunity to move came, we jumped on it. The decision was made in 8 hours. Soon we found ourself in a completely new home. Once again, my boredom with my surroundings was erased and I found myself inspired again. An entirely new state to explore and see. We began in the Pisgah National Forest. This project is a work in progress.